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New science-media initiative announced


The European Forest Institute announced today the Lookout Station, a new science-media initiative that builds bridges between journalism and science communities around the theme of climate change. As part of this, the Climate Change Immersive Story Accelerator, a new 6-month media support programme was launched.

EFI and the Global Editors Network, the largest editors network with a community of 1300 Editors-in-Chief and media professionals, are joining forces on the very first edition of the Climate Change Immersive Story Accelerator, called  Lookout360° that focuses on 360-degree video storytelling.

Lookout360° invites 10 journalists and producers from 10 media houses to participate in a science-media bootcamp in Lapland to get training on climate change and 360 video storytelling. This is followed by a 3-month mentorship period where journalists get an opportunity to connect with experts in order to develop, iterate and publish a 360-degree video story within a short period. The final outcomes will be showcased at the GEN Summit in Lisbon on 30 May – 1 June 2018, which will be attended by 750+ editors-in-chief and high executives from the media industry from all over the world.

Throughout the programme, EFI will not only support the group with its scientific knowledge and expertise, but also facilitate the collaboration between media and science communities from different backgrounds. For more information about Lookout360°, visit or contact Rina Tsubaki (


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