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SNS celebrated its 40th anniversary


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Approximately 70 participants gathered to celebrate the Nordic Forest Research Co-operation Committee’s (SNS) 40th Anniversary in Copenhagen, Denmark. The milestone was celebrated with a conference: New challenges for sustainable forestry, on July 3-4, held at the facilities of the University of Copenhagen. The first day was dedicated to areas in which SNS plays an important role, and for scientific presentations. The second day gave participants an opportunity to experience southern Scandinavian forests and forestry during an excursion.

SNS was established in 1972 for the overall purpose of promoting research into the diverse functions of the forests and in sustainable forestry, as well as to advise the Nordic Council of Ministers on questions concerning forests and forest research. It also acts as the hub for forest research cooperation in the Nordic and Baltic countries. SNS is one of the main partners of EFI's North European Regional Office - EFINORD.

The seminar was organized to celebrate the anniversary of SNS and highlighted the areas where SNS plays a key role. In his keynote presentation, the host of the event, Niels Elers Koch, Director General, Forest & Landscape, University of Copenhagen said, “SNS is a strong player in forest research in the Nordic and Baltic regions, and has been for a long time.” Scientific presentations touched on topics such as the various risks affecting Nordic forests, and the different networks under the wing of SNS also presented their work. Mads Randbøl Wolff, Department Head for the Nordic Council of Ministers echoed Director Koch saying, “SNS has proved to be a big success.”

The excursion led participants first to the Arboretum, located in the town of Hørsholm, where the largest collection of trees and bushes are found in Denmark. It is also where the therapy garden Nacadia was recently established. Here some frontline research is done within the area of nature and humans. The second location of the trip was the Grib Forest, which is one of the largest forest areas in Denmark.

The current Chair of SNS, Pernille Karlog closed the day by saying, “we are ready for the next 40 years”.

Further information about the SNS is available from: Katrine Hahn Kristensen, SNS secretary (

Presentations will be available soon on the SNS website.