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3-2017 (24.11.2017)

  • Moving towards a circular bioeconomy
  • Circular bioeconomy strategy needed in Europe
  • New European circular bioeconomy strategy has to be mainstreamed
  • Placing sustainability at the heart of the investment agenda

2-2017 (02.10.2017)

  • Supporting decision-making in policy and practice
  • New study assesses effects of Natura 2000 in forests
  • Using science to improve policy
  • Looking ahead to a circular European bioeconomy
  • Placing sustainability at the heart of the investment agenda

1-2017 (07.06.2017)

  • Creating a circular bioeconomy narrative
  • Climate-Smart Forestry
  • Bioeconomy and biodiversity are two sides of the same coin
  • Call for Scientific Advisory Board members
  • How can wood construction reduce environmental degradation?



1-2018 (6.2.2018)

  • Elena Paoletti is the new SAB Chair
  • SINCERE places value on forest ecosystem services
  • Lauri Hetemäki recognised for his work
  • Handbook for wood mobilisation in Europe
  • Good readings
  • From our network

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