Science supporting policy making

EFI Policy Support:  Science Supporting Policy-making brochure

  • Provides and disseminates science-based knowledge to decision-makers
  • Offers foresight and identifies emerging policy-relevant information needs
  • Improves the understanding of policy makers on strategic and cross-sector forest policy issues based on existing scientific knowledge and expertise
  • Enhances science-policy dialogue

We work with European decision-makers, stakeholders, policy institutions and EFI's member organisations to bring our science-based knowledge to the policy arena through our ThinkForest forum and other activities.

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Looking ahead to a circular European bioeconomy

7 November 2017, Brussels

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ThinkForest news:

New European circular bioeconomy strategy has to be mainstreamed

Using science to improve policy

Building a pro-active relationship between the economy and ecology 

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Science Supporting Policy-making

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This work is funded by EFI's Multi-Donor Trust Fund for policy support, which is supported by the Governments of Austria, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Spain and Sweden.


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"The role of science becomes more important than ever to support policy makers to understand and explore policy options".

Marc Palahí, EFI Director
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