Past issues (2016)

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Issue 5-2016

  • Innovations and sustainability are a must for bioeconomy
  • Full potential of forest bioeconomy not yet utilized
  • Watch the ThinkForest webcast!
  • From Science to Policy 4: Forest bioeconomy - a new role for sustainability indicators
  • Bratislava Declaration: EFI one of major actors in forest research in Europe

Issue 4-2016

  • Science and policy making: towards a new dialogue
  • From Science to Policy 3: Forest biomass, carbon neutrality and climate change mitigation
  • The role of regions in the European bioeconomy
  • Register now! Building an innovative and resilient forest bioeconomy
  • 5 steps for developing a bioeconomy in Europe

In issue 3-2016

  • Bioeconomy can tackle society’s grand challenges
  • ‘Don’t just make plans – open opportunities’
  • Watch the ThinkForest webcast!
  • Save the date: Building an innovative and resilient forest bioeconomy

In Issue 2-2016

  • Forests central to climate and bioeconomy transformation
  • Climate policy after COP21
  • Watch!
  • Save the date: Building the bioeconomy: Insights from European strategies

In Issue 1-2016

  • Forests and climate policy
  • Time for a fresh look at forest sinks
  • Watch!
  • From Science to Policy 2 - our latest study
  • Join us in Brussels on 15 March 2016