Past events


Looking ahead to a circular European bioeconomy
7 November 2017, Brussels 

Implementing Natura 2000 in forests: lessons learned and looking ahead
27 September 2017, Brussels

ThinkForest Roundtable Discussion: Climate Smart Forestry
30 May 2017, Brussels

Leading the way to a new European bioeconomy strategy
10 May 2017, Berlin


Building an innovative and resilient forest bioeconomy
15 November 2016, Brussels

ThinkForest Roundtable Discussion: Forest biomass sustainability and carbon neutrality
12 October 2016, Brussels

Building the bioeconomy: insights from European strategies
7 June 2016, Helsinki

Climate policy after COP21: Implications for the European forest-based sector
15 March 2016, Brussels


Climate policy targets: how can European forests contribute?
1 December 2015, Paris

Science-policy in action: the role of European Forests
13 October 2015
Part 1: Towards Paris 2015: How can the forest sector contribute? at the International Press Centre, Brussels
Part 2: ThinkForest in the forest: biodiversity and forest management, in the Sonian Forest

Assessing the impact of the EU Timber Regulation and FLEGT Action Plan
21 April 2015, Brussels


ThinkForest seminar: Forests and the bioeconomy: future steps
13 November 2014, Brussels

ThinkForest Seminar: Forest bioenergy in Europe - Towards sustainable options
18 March 2014, Brussels

ThinkForest Seminar: Integrating biodiversity conservation in forest management
27 February 2014, Strasbourg


ThinkForest Seminar: Emerging opportunities for EU-Russia cooperation on forest-based sector governance
13 December 2013, Rovaniemi

ThinkForest Discussion dinner: Future of the European Forest Governance
27 November 2013, Brussels

ThinkForest Seminar: Climate Change in European Forests - How to Adapt
25 April 2013, Brussels

ThinkForest seminar: Opportunities and challenges in meeting renewable energy targets from forest biomass ‐ an EU perspective
11 April 2013, Brussels

ThinkForest Seminar: European Forest Governance - Issues at Stake and the Way Forward
9 January 2013, Brussels


ThinkForest Seminar: Payments for Environmental Services
27 November 2012, Brussels

ThinkForest study: European Forest Governance: Issues at stake and the way foward - 3rd authors' meeting
20-21 September 2012, Munich

ThinkForest Discussion dinner: The future EU Forest Strategy in the emerging forest-related policy framework
18 September 2012, Brussels

Towards a green bioeconomy: unlocking the potential of Europe’s forests
15 May 2012, Brussels