The EU is updating its bioeconomy strategy in 2016, and a number of Member States are working on their own national strategies. The EU is also planning its climate policy, and how to treat biomass-based bioenergy in the future. All these are central to the future development of the forest-based bioeconomy. 

Our ThinkForest event, Building the Bioeconomy: insights from European strategies focuses on:

  • What can we learn from EU and national bioeconomy strategies?
  • What are the future prospects for the forest-based bioeconomy?


More information

What is the bioeconomy?

Video: The bioeconomy starts here!


EU bioeconomy strategy

Innovating for Sustainable Growth: A Bioeconomy for Europe (2012)


National bioeconomy strategies

Synopsis of National Strategies around the World, German Bioeconomy Council (2015)

Synopsis and Analysis of Strategies in the G7, German Bioeconomy Council (2015)


Forests and bioeconomy

Future of the European Forest-Based Sector and Bioeconomy, ThinkForest brief (2014)

What Science Can Tell Us:  Future of the European Forest-Based Sector - Structural Changes Towards Bioeconomy (2013)