Looking ahead to a circular European bioeconomy 7.11.2017

Looking ahead to a circular European bioeconomy
7 November 2017
International Press Center, Résidence Palace, Brussels

News release: New European circular bioeconomy strategy has to be mainstreamed
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Esko Aho


Hanna Kosonen

The ThinkForest event Looking ahead to a circular European bioeconomy was held on 7 November 2017 in Brussels.

Discussions focused on:

  • Why do we need a European circular economy strategy?
  • What should its main ingredients be?
  • What is the outlook for a sustainable European forest bioeconomy?
  • What bioeconomy gaps do we still need to fill

Watch the recording. The event was livestreamed via our YouTube channel, and a recording is available. No registration is required.

Morning session: A new strategy for a circular European bioeconomy

Our speakers included:
Esko Aho, EFI Strategic Advisor (former Prime Minister of Finland)
John Bell, Director of Bioeconomy, DG Research and Innovation, European Commission
Lauri Hetemäki, Assistant Director, EFI
Cecil Konijnendijk van den Bosch, Professor, University of British Columbia
Hanna Kosonen, Member of Parliament Finland & Member of EFI Board (Finland)
Lambert van Nistelrooij, MEP
Marc Palahí, Director, EFI
Christian Patermann, former Director, European Commission
Göran Persson, ThinkForest President
Marijana Petir, MEP
Janez Potočnik, Co‐Chair of UN International Resource Panel

Afternoon session: Outlook for a circular European bioeconomy 

Our speakers included:
Leire Barañano, General Manager, Neiker-Tecnalia, Basque Country, Spain
Joanna Dupont-Inglis, Chair, The EU Bioeconomy Panel
Daniela Kleinschmit, Professor, University of Freiburg (Germany)
Joachim Kreysa, Adviser for Bio-economy, European Commission Joint Research Centre
Mårten Larsson, Deputy director general, Swedish Forest Industries Federation
Knut Øistad, Chair, EFI Board
Georg Winkel, Head EFI Resilience Programme 

ThinkForest panel

Photos: Simon Pugh Photography