Implementing Natura 2000 in forests

Implementing Natura 2000 in forests: lessons learned and looking ahead
27 September, 2017, 09:00-13:00
International Press Center, Brussels

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  • /files/images/thinkforest/natura2000/tfposter_natura2000_250.jpg : 108Kb What is the state of biodiversity in Europe‚Äôs forests?
  •  How is Natura 2000 implemented in forests, and what do we know about its effects on biodiversity and forest management?
  •  What policy-relevant conclusions can be drawn for Natura 2000 in the future?

Our ThinkForest science-policy seminar presented the findings of a European interdisciplinary scientific study conducted by a team of 20 scientists. View the programme and presentations  here.

Please note the event was streamed live - a recording is available: