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Former Swedish Prime Minister to chair high-level discussion forum on forests


Göran Persson, Prime Minister of Sweden from 1996-2006, will chair an international high-level discussion forum on forests coordinated by the European Forest Institute.

Goran Persson
In his speech yesterday at EFI’s Annual Conference, Mr Persson urged the sharing of the European forest science community’s knowledge with decision makers such as the European Parliament and the European Council. “I look forward to co-operation with this group of distinguished scientists and European structures that I am familiar with”, he stated. “The new discussion forum will offer the Parliament a good forum on research and development and forestry.” He also emphasized the role of the forest sector in actively contributing to finding solutions to tackle and adapt to climate change.

The forum aims to promote communication, collaboration and partnership building between high-level policy makers and the science community, via the identification and discussion of forest-related issues and policies. The forum will also identify and address emerging strategic forest-related issues, to help all parties gain a better understanding of cross-sectoral challenges and to achieve better policy cohesion.

“The forum will help policy-makers to navigate the sea of information, and provide them with the best available expertise and the latest research-based information from EFI’s networks”, stated Marc Palahí, EFI’s Assistant Director for Policy Advice. EFI has over 120 Member Organisations and strong regional coverage in Europe through its Regional Offices. The forum will be launched in early 2012 at the European Parliament in Brussels.

Photo by UN Photo/Ky Chung