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EFI and its network of Associate Members is in a unique position to provide collective science-based insights at European and regional level to support informed policy making. EFI, with the involvement of its Associate Members, aims to:

  • Conduct and promote interdisciplinary and cross-sector research, to address policy-relevant issues at a pan-European or regional level.
  • Analyse and upscale information on forest resources, products and services on a pan-European level.
  • Support the coordination, strengthening and networking of forest research capacities aiming to overcome the fragmentation of European forest research.
  • Advocate for forest research within the forest sector, as well as within other scientific domains.

EFI makes use of its large network of Associate Member organisations and Regional Offices. As of early 2017, it has two European research thematic programmes on Bioeconomy and Resilience.

Research and Information products include European research projects, comparative studies, European databases and thematic maps, as well as decision-support tools for European and regional level forest policy decision making.

Research is carried out in flexible teams of experts among EFI’s own research staff and other experts, based on the given task. This includes research staff at its headquarters, as well as at its Regional Offices: EFIMED based in Barcelona, EFIATLANTIC  in Bordeaux, EFICEEC-EFISEE in Vienna and in Zagreb, and EFINORD in Umeå.

EFI has a Scientific Advisory Board, which advises the EFI in scientific matters, monitors EFI's R&D activities and anticipates future research needs. Regional Offices have their own Advisory Groups to support strategic development in those locations.

More information: Marc Palahí, Director (firstname.lastname(at)


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