SilviStrat - Response Strategies to Climatic Change in Management of European Forests


  • Sustainability and Climate Change


The project studies adaptive management strategies to enhance carbon sequestration in the European forests and to mitigate adverse impacts of the global climate change on them as regards the following issues:

  • to analyse direct and indirect impacts of present forest management regimes and operations on sequestration and storage of carbon in European forests, and to develop a better understanding of how management regimes and operations could be improved to maintain a sustainable forest production at the same time as the carbon sequestration capacity of European forests is increased under current and changing climatic conditions;
  • to analyse adaptive forest management strategies aimed at reducing the impacts of drought and other adverse effects of climate change;
  • to assess how adaptive forest management strategies for increased carbon sequestration in the major European forest types might affect costs and returns at the management unit level;
  • to assess how to optimise management operations in representative management units of major European forest types with the goal of increasing carbon sequestration and maintaining a sustainable forest production under changing climatic conditions;
  • to estimate the potential of forest management at the European scale on carbon sequestration and mitigation of climate change induced impacts.

Project publications include project's final report and EFI Proceedings 34.


This project is carried out with the financial support from the Commission of the European Communities, DG Research - Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development Programme. The content of this page is the sole responsibility of EFI and it in no way represents the views of the European Communities.



01.12.2000 - 30.11.2003



Project Management

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