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FOPER (Forest Policy and Economics Education and Research) project aims at strengthening the capacity of modern forest policy and economics education, training and research in the Western Balkans region (Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Albania). This region is rich in forest resources and has a long tradition of both forestry and forestry education. However, during the long period of isolation from the rest of the Europe the region has kept pace with the development of modern forest policy and forest economics. Currently the societies are undergoing strong changes characterized by a shift towards market economy and integration into Europe and the European Union. Forest policies and institutions are also changing, and therefore the education, training and research based on the old socialist paradigms fail to provide sufficient expertise for appropriately managing this change process.

The project will work towards a permanent training program in the region, consisting of both an international MSc.-course on forest policy and economics, and continuous training for professionals already working on these issues. The project will provide the first round of training with its funding and strengthen the capacities of the local institutions to carry out the training programmes. During the project a strategy and arrangement for the long term continuity of the training will be drafted and implemented. In addition, policy-relevant forest research will be supported and promoted, and mechanisms for linking science and policy will be established. This is expected to ensure continuation of funding for research on forest policy and economics.

The project is implemented in two phases between September 2004 and August 2008. The first phase for planning, training needs assessment and design of the training program runs until August 2006. The second phase starts in September 2006 and consists mainly of implementing the first MSc.-course and continuous education courses. Support and promotion of forest policy research and support to policy and economics education at BSc-level will be implemented during both phases.


The project is financed by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland.



01.09.2004 - 31.05.2009



Project Management

Coordinator: European Forest Institute
Name: Tomi Tuomasjukka
Country: Finland
Contact Person at EFI: tomi.tuomasjukka (at)

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