EuWood - Real Potential for Changes in Growth and Use of EU Forests


  • Foresight and Policy Support
  • Sustainability and Climate Change


The aim of the project is to improve knowledge on the woody biomass demand and supply situation, analyse the future development of biomass, document and develop methods for woody biomass studies and provide recommendations for policy processes.

Based on the structure of national Wood Resource Balances the project will integrate all possible flows of wood fibres in national and European regions. It will examine the direct supply from forests and woody biomass outside forests, woody co-products from wood-processing industries as well as post-consumer recovered wood. The study will also examine the outlook until 2030, explore options and provide recommendations for balancing material and energy use, increasing woody biomass potentials, proposing means to overcome barriers of mobilization and outlining proposals on how to integrate social and environmental constraints into the estimations of wood resource potentials.

The expected outcomes and results will be presented in five major outputs:

  • State-of-the-art report on biomass including biomass demand, supply, potential and constraints and review of policies
  • Scenario report 2008-2030
  • Strategies and recommendations report
  • Methodological report on woody biomass monitoring
  • Dissemination of the information gathered in the project

EFI is a partner in this study and contributes to the state-of-the-art report, as well as other project outputs, and leads Work Package 4, "Potential biomass supply from forests 2008-2030.


30.12.2008 - 29.06.2010



Project Management

Coordinator: University of Hamburg (Centre of Wood Science) (UHAM)
Name: Professor Udo Mantau
Email: mantau (at)
Country: Germany
Contact Person at EFI: marcus.lindner (at) / hans.verkerk (at)

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