EFORWOOD - Tools for Sustainability Impact Assessment of Forestry-Wood Chain


  • Foresight and Policy Support
  • Sustainability and Climate Change


The objective of EFORWOOD project is to develop a quantitative decision support tool for Sustainability Impact Assessment of the European Forestry-Wood Chain (FWC) and subsets thereof (e.g. regional), covering forestry, industrial manufacturing, consumption and recycling. The objective will be achieved by:

a) defining economic, environmental and social sustainability indicators,

b) developing a tool for Sustainability Impact Assessment by integrating a set of models,

c) supplying the tool with real data, aggregated as needed and appropriate,

d) testing the tool in a stepwise procedure allowing adjustments to be made according to the experiences gained,

e) applying the tool to assess the sustainability of the present European FWC (and subsets thereof) as well the impacts of potential major changes based on scenarios,

f) making the adapted versions of the tool available to stakeholder groupings (industrial, political and others).

The multi-functionality of the FWC is taken into account by using indicators to assess the sustainability of production processes and by including in the analysis the various products and services of the FWC. Wide stakeholder consultations will be used throughout the process to reach the objective. EFORWOOD project will contribute to EU policies connected to the FWC, especially to the Sustainable Development Strategy. It will provide policy-makers, forest owners, the related industries and other stakeholders with a tool to strengthen the forest-based sectors contribution towards a more sustainable Europe, thereby also improving its competitiveness.

The task of EFI's Programme 1 is to co-ordinate the central module of the project, "Sustainability Impact Assessment", in which the common framework and tool for the Sustainabilty Impact Assessment (ToSIA) will be developed. EFI's Programme 4 is the assisting co-ordinator of the "Knowledge Transfer Module" of the project. One of its tasks is to produce a user-friendly version of the Sustainability Impact Assessment (ToSIA) tool.

EFI Technical Report 23, "Assessment of Sustainability of Forest-Wood Chain-, is related to this project.

The final report is available in the EFORWOOD homepage.



01.11.2005 - 31.10.2009



Project Management

Coordinator: Skogforsk
Name: Prof. Kaj Rosen
Email: kaj.rosen (at)
Country: Sweden
Contact Person at EFI: communications (at)

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