SilviStrat final report

SilviStrat Final Report (zipped 11.1 MB) Management of European Forests Under Changing Climatic Conditions. Seppo Kellomäki and Sanna Leinonen. Tiedonantoja/Research Notes No. 163. University of Joensuu, Faculty of Forestry. ISBN: 952-458-652-5. 427 p.

Executive summary

(0.1 MB)
Chapter 1 (0.1 MB) Introduction.
Chapter 2 (0.2 MB) Forests and Climate in Europe, and Climate Scenarios used in the Project.
Chapter 3 (0.9 MB) Climate Change Impacts on Forests in Europe: Biological Impact Mechanisms
Chapter 4 (0.4 MB) SilviStrat Model Evaluation Exercises
Chapter 5 (23 MB) Adaptive Forest Management Strategies
Chapter 5 (8.1 MB as zip file)
Chapter 6 (0.2 MB) Policy Objectives in Relation to Adaptive Forest Management
Chapter 7 (1.2 MB) Adaptive Forest Management at the Scale of Management Units
Chapter 8 (0.2 MB) European Mitigation Potential
Chapter 9 (0.1 MB) European Mitigation and Adaptation Potentials: Conclusions and Recommendations

Other publications

Expert Assessments on the likely Impacts of Climate Change on Forests and Forestry in Europe. Seppo Kellomäki, Timo Karjalainen, Frits Mohren and Tuija Lapveteläinen (editors). EFI proceedings 34, 120 p. ISBN: 952-9844-80-8, ISSN: 1237-8801.