Recent presentations

15 November 2016

ThinkForest seminar: Building an innovative and resilient forest bioeconomy
International Press Centre, Brussels

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16 October 2016

Robert Mavsar: Strengthening the role of forests in the bioeconomy through innovation
Forest and Photonics, Koli

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12 October 2016

ThinkForest Roundtable Discussion: Forest biomass sustainability and carbon neutrality

28 September 2016

Visions, opportunities and challenges for the bioeconomy in Southern Europe
Kursaal Congress Centre, San Sebastian, Spain

Marc Palahí: La bioeconomía forestal, motor de cambio en la era post-petróleo
Esko Aho: Why does Europe need a bioeconomy? 

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16 September 2016

Lauri Hetemäki: EU climate policy and the forest-based sector
Climate Diplomacy Week seminar, Helsinki

7 June 2016

ThinkForest seminar: Building the bioeconomy: insights from European strategies
Marina Congress Center, Helsinki

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15 March 2016

ThinkForest seminar: Climate policy after COP21: Implications for the European forest-based sector
International Press Centre, Brussels

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