Information Services

EFI is committed to compiling and disseminating forestry information at the European level. Here you find information services and download pages. Databases are listed as a separate link. The information services result either from projects or are part of EFI's core activities.

EFI Expert Directory

The EFI Expert Directory is a networking tool and provides information concerning the experts and expertise available within organizations in the forest-based sector in Europe. In the first stage of compiling the directory, the request to participate in the directory was sent to the member contacts at EFI's member organizations. The directory is now open for to all to search and to submit their own details.


The European Forest Portal is a web-based entry point into pan-European forest information for the selected topics. It consists of an extensive metadatabase which allows easy search and provides comprehensive metadata records and links to the original sources.

Forest Products Price Information Portal

Users can search for various information sources reporting price information. The portal comprises more than 200 different information sources from 30 countries. These include price series data, non-series price data and other price related information. The portal enables search by product category, geographic location, market area, and organisation type.

Mapping Services

Follow this link to learn more about EFI's forest mapping activities. Some high resolution forest map images and GIS databases can be downloaded free of charge.

CO2Fix model download

The CO2Fix model has been produced as an output of the EU funded project 'Carbon Sequestration in Afforestation and Sustainable Forest Management', CASFOR, and its follow up project CASFOR-II. CO2Fix constitutes an ecosystem level model to estimate carbon budgets and carbon sequestration for various forest types.

The COST Action E27

'Protected forest areas in Europe - analysis and harmonisation' has produced as one of its outputs a Protected Forest Areas Clearinghouse. The service contains besides general information on the Action, publications for downloading and a set of databases related to protected forest areas in Europe.

The COST Action E4

The objective of the COST E4 Action was to create a European network of forest reserves in order to collect ongoing research and unify research methodologies and have access to a central databank for the exchange of research results. This database is not available anymore.