COST E27 Results

  • Final publication Protected Forest Areas in Europe - Analysis and Harmonisation (PROFOR): Results, Conclusions and Recommendations. Frank, G., Parviainen, J., Vanderkerhove, K., Latham, J., Schuck, A., Little, D. (Eds). 2007. (202 p.; 3.5 MB)
  • Country Reports
  • The final PFA reports for the 25 countries involved in COST Action E27
  • PFA Databases
  • Map, Photograph, Bibliography, and PFA Category databases
  • PFA Tables
  • Summary tables of PFAs for 24 of the countries involved in COST Action E27

Participants in the COST Action also participated in several surveys regarding Protected Forest Areas. The results for each country are presented.


Massif du Grand Ventron Nature Reserve, France
Photographer: Bernard Boisson