Country Reports

Introduction: Latham, J.; Frank, G.

A synopsis of the Country Reports produced by Working Group 1 of the COST Action E27, and presented in this volume. It outlines the COST programme itself and the work of COST E27 Protected Forest Areas - Analysis and Harmonisation. The Country Reports give an account of the main features of Protected Forest Areas (PFA) for each participating country. They support the work of COST E27 in general and provide a source of information for scientists, foresters, policy makers and conservationists at national and international levels. The reports have a consistent structure and content that covers the historical development of PFAs, their main types, responsible organisations, selection criteria and representativity, inventories and monitoring, and wider landscape issues. The introduction indicates some broad results and trends, and reviews ongoing synthesis and analytical work. It emphasises the wide diversity of PFA types found both within and between countries, that reflects the rich biogeographical, cultural and historical diversity of Europe itself.

  • Austria: Frank, G.; Schwarzl, B.; Johann, E.; Hackl, J.; Schweinzer, K.M.; Hauk, E.
  • Belgium: Vandekerkhove, K.; Branquart, E.; Verheyen, K.
  • Bulgaria: Raev, I.; Dimitrov, D.
  • Cyprus: Kyriacou, K.
  • Czech Republic: Vrska, T.; Adam, D.; Hort, L.
  • Denmark: Hahn, K.; Rune, F.; Emborg, J.; Johannsen, V.K.
  • Finland: Tuomainen, T.; Parviainen, J.
  • France: Despert, Y.; Gilg, O.; Brezard, J.M.
  • Germany: Welzholz, J.C.; Bürger-Arndt, R.; Bücking, W.
  • Greece: Trakolis, D.; Meliadis, I.; Zagas, T.
  • Ireland: Fahy, O.; Cross, J.
  • Italy: Cullotta, S.; Marchetti, M.; La Mantia, T.; Tosi, V.
  • Lithuania: Belova, O.; Karazija, S.; Saudyte, S.
  • Macedonia: Karadelev, M.
  • Netherlands: Vodde, F.; Wijdeven, S.; Mohren, F.
  • Norway: Tommeras, B.A.; Aarrestad, P.A.
  • Poland: Sienkiewicz, J.; Niemtur, S.
  • Portugal: Almeida, A.F.
  • Romania: Biris, I.; Marin, G.; Stoiculescu, C.; Maxim, I. ; Verghelet, M.; Apostol, J.
  • Serbia and Montenegro: Srdjevic, B.
  • Slovenia: Boncina, A.
  • Spain: Montiel-Molina, C.; Dominguez-Torres, G.; Uriol-Batuecas, J.; Mata-Olmo, R.; Ara-Lazaro, P.
  • Sweden: Fridman, J.; Sohlberg, S.
  • Switzerland: Commarmot, B.; Mayer, P.; Stadler, B.
  • United Kingdom: Latham, J.; Miller, H.; Mountford, E.P.; Kirby, K.J.; Ioras, F.