Policy Briefs

Policy Briefs convey current forest policy questions and challenges and outline courses of action to resolve them with the help of research.

No 9.  Climate Change in European Forests: How to Adapt
Joanne Fitzgerald, Jette Bredahl Jacobsen, Kristina Blennow, Bo Jellesmark Thorsen and Marcus Lindner

No 8.  AGORA Making the Difference: Towards a Mediterranean Forest Research Area
Marc Palahí, Davide Pettenella, José G. Borges, Fouad Mounir, Hamed Daly, François Lefèvre and  Emin Baskent

No. 7. Payments for Environmental Services: A Way Forward for Mediterranean Forests?

(also available in French, Greek, Italian and Spanish)
Irina Prokofieva, Sven Wunder and Enrico Vidale

No. 6. Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation in European Forests
Marja Kolström, Terhi Vilén and Marcus Lindner

No. 5. Changing International Markets for Timber and Wood Products – Main Policy Instruments (also available in French and Spanish)
EU FLEGT Facility

No 4. Towards Integrated Fire Management (also available in French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Greek and Russian)
Francisco Rego, Eric Rigolot, Paulo Fernandes, Cristina Montiel and Joaquim Sande Silva

No 3. What is a Voluntary Partnership Agreement? - the European Union Approach (also available in French, Spanish and Bahasa Indonesia)
EU FLEGT Facility

No 2. Forest Law Enforcement,Governance and Trade – the European Union approach

(also available in French, Spanish and Bahasa Indonesia)

No 1. Making European Forests Work for People and Nature
Vanhanen, H., Toppinen, A., Tikkanen, I. and Mery, G. (eds.).