EFI Proceedings compile papers presented at various events organised or co-organised by EFI bringing you the most recent research results together with hot spot papers by policy-makers and decision makers.

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No 58.  Forest Policy and Economics in Support of Good Governance
Tomi Tuomasjukka (ed.)

No 57.
Modelling, Valuing and Managing Mediterranean Forest Ecosystems for Non-Timber Goods and Services
Marc Palahí, Yves Birot, Felipe Bravo and Elena Gorriz (editors)

No 56.
Scientific Tools and Research Needs for Multifuntional Mediterranean Forest Ecosystem Management
Marc Palahí, Yves Birot and Mercedes Rois (editors)

No 55.
The Multifunctional Role of Forests - Policies, Methods and Case Studies
Luca Cesaro, Paola Gatto and Davide Pettenella (eds.)

No 54. Evaluating Forestry Incentive and Assistance Programmes in Europe – Challenges to Improve Policy Effectiveness
Pajuoja Heikki, Ludel Sisak and Krzysztof Kaczmarek (editors)

No 53. Forest Landscape Restoration in Central and Northern Europe
Taina Veltheim and Brita Pajari (editors)

No 52. The Evaluation of Forest Policies and Programmes
Gerard Buttoud, Birger Solberg, Ilpo Tikkanen and Brita Pajari (editors)

No 51. Monitoring and Indicators of Forest Biodiversity in Europe – From Ideas to Operationality
Marco Marchetti (editor)

No 50. Forest Research Crossing Borders
Chris Baines (editor)

No 49. Towards the Sustainable Use of Europe's Forests – Forest Ecosystem and Landscape Research: Scientific Challenges and Opportunities
Folke Andersson, Yves Birot and Risto Päivinen (editors)

No 48. Economic Accesibility of Forest Resources in North-West Russia
Anssi Niskanen, Galina Filioushkina and Kaija Saramäki (editors)

No 47. Forests in Poverty Reduction Strategies: Capturing the Potential
Tapani Oksanen, Brita Pajari and Tomi Tuomasjukka (editors)

No 46. Cross-Sectoral Policy Impacts on Forests
Ilpo Tikkanen, Peter Glück and Heikki Pajuoja (editors)

No 45. Risk Management and Sustainable Forestry
Michel Arbez, Yves Birot and Jean-Michel Carnus (editors)

No 44. National Forest Programmes in a European Context
Olav Gislerud and Ine Neven (editors)

No 43. Forest Certification: Forging Novel Incentives for the Environment and Sustainable Forest Management
Markku Simula, Ewald Rametsteiner, Anni Blåsten, Tim Green and Brita Pajari (editors)

No 42. Financial Instruments of Forest Policy
Andreas Ottitsch, Ilpo Tikkanen and Pere Riera (editors)

No 41. Models for the Sustainable Management of Temperate Plantation Forests
Jean-Michel Carnus, R. Dewar, D. Loustau, M. Tomé and C. Orazio (editors)

No 40. Strategien der staatlichen Forstverwaltung Praxiserfahrungen im europäischen Vergleich 1991–2 000 / A comparative view on European Countries 1991–2000
Max Krott (editor)

No 39. Woody Biomass as an Energy Source - Challenges in Europe
P. Pelkonen, P. Hakkila, T. Karjalainen and B. Schlamadinger (editors)

No 38. Criteria and Indicators for Sustainable Forest Management at the Forest Management Unit Level
A. Franc, O. Laroussinie and T. Karjalainen (editors)

No 37. Ecological and Socio-Economic Impacts of Close-to-Nature Forestry and Plantation Forestry: A Comparative Analysis
Tim Green (editor)

No 36. Economic Sustainability of Small-Scale Forestry
Anssi Niskanen and Johanna Väyrynen (editors)

No 35. NEWFOR - New Forests for Europe: Afforestation at the Turn of the Century
Norbert Weber (editor)

No 34. Expert Assessments on the Likely Impacts of Climate Change on Forests and Forestry in Europe
Seppo Kellomäki, Timo Karjalainen, Frits Mohren and Tuija Lapveteläinen (editors)

No 33. Spruce Monocultures in Central Europe - Problems and Prospects
Emil Klimo, Herbert Hager and Jiri Kulhavý (editors)

No 32. Regional Forest Programmes: A Participatory Approach to Support Forest Based Regional Development
Anssi Niskanen and Johanna Väyrynen (editors)

No 31. Prospect of International Statistics on Farm Forestry
Anssi Niskanen and Pentti Hyttinen (editors)

No 30. Formulation and Implementation of National Forest Programmes, Volume I: Theoretical Aspects
Peter Glück, Gerhard Oesten, Heiner Schanz and Karl-Reinhard Volz (editors)

Formulation and Implementation of National Forest Programmes, Volume II: State of the Art in Europe
Peter Glück, Gerhard Oesten, Heiner Schanz and Karl-Reinhard Volz (editors)

Formulation and Implementation of National Forest Programmes, Volume III: International Experiences
Peter Glück, Gerhard Oesten, Heiner Schanz and Karl-Reinhard Volz (editors)

No 29. Research Approaches to Support Non-Wood Forest Products Sector Development: Case of Arkhangelsk Region, Russia
Anssi Niskanen and Natalia Demidova (editors)

No 28. Sampling Schemes for Monitoring the Socio-economics of Farm Forestry
Pentti Hyttinen and Timo Kallio (editors)

No 27. Causes and Consequences of Accelerating Tree Growth in Europe
Timo Karjalainen, Heinrich Spiecker and Olivier Laroussinie (editors)

No 26. Analyzing Structural Changes in Roundwood and Forest Products Markets in Europe: Empirical Studies and Research Priorities
Birger Solberg and Alexander Moiseyev (editors)

No 25. Potential Markets for Certified Forest Products in Europe
Brita Pajari, Tim Peck and Ewald Rametsteiner (editors)

No 24. The Development of Forestry Statistics in the Baltic and Nordic States
Brita Pajari (editor)

No 23. Sustainable Development of Non-wood Goods and Benefits from Boreal and Cold Temperate Forests
Gyde Lund, Brita Pajari and Minna Korhonen (editors)

No 22. Future Forest Policies in Europe – Balancing Economics and Ecological Demands
Ilpo Tikkanen and Brita Pajari (editors)

No 21. Forest Policy in the Countries with Economies in Transition - Ready for the European Union?
Peter Glück, Ivo Kupka and Ilpo Tikkanen (editors)

No 20. Cost Accountancy in European Farm Forest Enterprises
Pentti Hyttinen and Timo Kallio (editors)

No 19. Forest Scenario Modelling for Ecosystem Management at Landscape Level
Gert-Jan Nabuurs, Tuula Nuutinen, Hank Bartelink and Minna Korhonen (editors)

No 18. Assessment of Biodiversity for Improved Forest Planning
Peter Bachmann, Michael Köhl and Risto Päivinen (editors)

No 17. Demand and Supply Analyses of Roundwood and Forest Products Markets in Europe – Overview of Present Studies
Birger Solberg and Alexander Moiseyev (editors)

No 16. Research in Forest Reserves and Natural Forests in European Countries - Country Reports for the COST Action E4: Forest Reserves Research Network
Jari Parviainen, Declan Little, Marie Doyle, Aileen O'Sullivan, Minna Kettunen and Minna Korhonen (editors)

No 15. Forestry in the Context of Rural Development: Future Research Needs
Peter Glück and Gerhard Weiss (editors)

No 14. Conflict Management and Public Participation in Land Management
Birger Solberg and Saija Miina (editors)

No 13. Integrating Environmental Values into Forest Planning - Baltic and Nordic Perspectives
Pentti Hyttinen and Artur Nilson (editors)

No 12. Review on Forest Policy Issues and Policy Processes
Ilpo Tikkanen, Peter Glück and Birger Solberg (editors)

No 11. Forest Industries Towards the Third Millennium - Economic and Environmental Challenges
Birger Solberg, Matti Palo and Pentti Hyttinen (editors)

No 10. Internet Applications and Electronic Information Resources in Forestry and Environmental Scienceses
Hannu Saarenmaa and Alois Kempf (editors)

No 9. Regional Development Based on Forest Resources - Theories and Practices
Pentti Hyttinen, Ari Mononen and Päivi Pelli (editors)

No 8. Life-Cycle Analysis - a Challenge for Forestry and Forest Industry
Arno Frühwald and Birger Solberg (editors)

No 7. New Thrusts in Forest Inventory
Risto Päivinen, Jerry Vanclay and Saija Miina (editors)

No 6. Assessment of Biodiversity for Improved Forest Management
Peter Bachmann, Kullervo Kuusela and Janne Uuttera (editors)

No 5. Large-Scale Forestry Scenario Models: Experiences and Requirements
Risto Päivinen, Leena Roihuvuo and Markku Siitonen (editors)

No 4. Multiple Use and Environmental Values in Forest Planning
Pentti Hyttinen, Anu Kähkönen and Päivi Pelli (editors)

No 3. Environmental Impacts of Forestry and Forest Industry
Birger Solberg and Leena Roihuvuo (editors)

No 2. Forest Policy Analysis - Methodological and Empirical Aspects
Birger Solberg and Päivi Pelli (editors)

No 1. Integrating environmental values into forest planning
Pentti Hyttinen and Anu Williams (editors)