Order Information

EFI no longer sells copies of its publications as all new volumes are freely available via the website. We print a limited number of copies to be delivered to libraries etc. For a complimentary copy, please contact publications (AT) efi.int. Please note that the volume you request may not be available.

Ordering of volumes published by others:

EFI Research Report 1 (Kuusela) is available from Cambridge University Press, Customer Service Department, The Edinburgh Building, Cambridge CB2 2RU, U.K., Tel +44 1 223 325970, Fax +44 1 223 325959.

EFI Research Report 5 (Spiecker et al.) is available from Springer-Verlag, Postfach 31 13 40, D-10643 Berlin, Germany. Fax +49 30 8 2787 301, E-Mail orders@springer.de

EFI Research Reports 8-22 (with the exception of no 14, which is available online at this website) are available from Brill Academic Publishers, Customer Services Department, PO Box 9000, 2300 PA Leiden, The Netherlands. Tel +31 71 5353566, Fax +31 71 5 317532, E-Mail sales-nl@brill.com

Further information can be found on Brill's website. Please use the catalogue search to locate specific titles or type "European Forest Institute" in the search box to get series information.