Technical Report 3

A review of recent projects on forest biodiversity investigations in Europe including Russia

L.G. Khanina, M.V. Bobrovsky, T. Karjalainen and A.S. Komarov
Internal Report 3
European Forest Institute, Joensuu, Finland, 2001
65 p.

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Information on 547 research projects on biotic diversity of forest zone of Europe (54 international projects and 493 national European projects including 193 Russian ones) was collected into the database. A classification of the projects was elaborated, and a distribution of the main parameters of collected data was analysed. The information presented in the Internet in English or in Russian was taken as a base for data collection. Information on national Russian projects was collected from different sources and it is presented first time in English. The list of selected 210 projects (altogether 85 Russian projects) as well as the list of the Web-sites used for data extraction are presented.

The original Russian method of assessment of plant diversity at the landscape, forest type and forest stand levels developed in Russian Academy of Science (Pushchino Scientific Center, Moscow region, and Centre of Ecology and Productivity of Forests, Moscow) is described. The method uses the computer information-analytical system (IAS) consisting of a set of databases, application programmes including special tools for analysis of vegetation data, linked to GIS with a module of spatial data processing. IAS can be used for monitoring of vegetation (including forest ground vegetation) under silvicultural management as well under ecosystem natural development. IAS outputs can be used in sustainable forest management for the purpose of conservation and restoration of biodiversity. Outlines of the system with description of input data, reference databases and outputs are presented.

Keywords: biodiversity, Europe, Russia, Internet