Technical Report 8

East Asian Forest Products Trade and Europe┬┤s Trade Relationship with East Asian Countries

Bruce Michie and Emi Pesonen
Internal Report 8
European Forest Institute, Joensuu, Finland, 2002
16 p.

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In this paper we look at overall trends in the trade of forest products by East Asian countries in relation to Europe and the world during the past four decades. East Asia consists of seven Asian Tigers - Taiwan Province of China, the Republic of Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand - with the addition of China and Japan. The East Asian forest industry has developed very rapidly and East Asia has great potential to increase its importance as a trading partner with European countries. In this paper we are studying forest products that are important in East Asian trade: roundwood, sawnwood, panels, wood manufactures, pulp, paper, paper manufactures and bamboo. We look at: (1) the forest products trade of East Asia and Europe as regions in the context of world trade; (2) East Asian and European regional trade with other regions; and (3) East Asian and European country by country trade with regions or the world. The period for the analysis is 1962-1999 and the graphs found in this paper are constructed using value in current US dollars (US$) or quantities.

The basis for this study is United Nations Statistical Division COMTRADE data 1962-99, standardized in the forest products trade flow data base of the European Forest Institute and World Forests, Society and Environment Project (Michie et al; 1998, 1999, 1999 and 2000).