What Science Can Tell Us 8

Towards a sustainable European forest-based bioeconomy – assessment and the way forward

What Science Can Tell Us 8, 2017
Georg Winkel (editor)

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The bioeconomy has mobilised significant investments in technology, research and innovation. New and innovative bio-products and related services have emerged, and related niche markets show dynamic growth. The future of the bioeconomy, however, raises questions relating to its development potential, but also its sustainability. 

This What Science Can Tell Us study assesses the scientific evidence and provides a synthesis of existing knowledge for policymakers on the importance of forests and the forest-based sector in contributing to the future European bioeconomy. It assesses the economic, social and environmental sustainability of a forest-based bioeconomy, and looks at issues that may affect its development.

This work and publication has been financed by EFI’s Multi-Donor Trust Fund for policy support, which is supported by the Governments of Austria, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Spain and Sweden.

Publication date: 20 December 2017

162 pages

ISBN 978-952-5980-41-7 (printed)
ISBN 978-952-5980-42-4 (pdf)