Working Papers

Working Papers

EFI Working Papers as a series has been cancelled but the old volumes can be ordered from for the price of shipping. Please contact us for further details.

No 22. Environmental Forest Conflicts in the United States: Conflict Patterns in the Pacific Northwest and Minnesota. (note, only available in electronic format)
E. Hellström and E. Vehmasto. 2001.
ISBN: 952-9844-83-2. 100 p.
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No 21. Forest Related Resources, Industries and Know-how in the Border Regions of the European Union.
P. Hyttinen, A. Ottitsch, P. Pelli and A. Niskanen. 1999.
ISBN 952-9844-68-9. 256 p.

No 20. Urban Forestry: Comparative Analysis of Policies and Concepts in Europe. Contemporary Urban Forestry Policy-Making in Selected Cities and Countries in Europe.
C.C. Konijnendijk. 1999.
ISBN 952-9844-64-6. 266 p

No 19. Relationships Between Recent Changes of Growth and Nutrition of Norway Spruce, Scots Pine, and European Beech Forests in Europe - R E C O G N I T I O N.
K.E. Rehfuess, G.I. Ågren, F. Andersson, M.G.R. Cannell, A.Friend, I. Hunter, H.P. Kahle, J. Prietzel and H. Spiecker. 1999.
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No 18. The State, Utilisation and Possible Future Developments of Leningrad Region Forests.
R. Päivinen, G.J. Nabuurs, A.V. Lioubimov and K. Kuusela. 1999.
Out of Print.
ISBN 952-9844-61-1. 58 p.
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No 17. UNSTAT Trade Data as Basis for Analysis and Protections of Forests Products Trade Flows.
B. Michie and P. Wardle. 1998.
ISBN: 952-9844-59-X. 44 p.
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No 16. Environmental Forest Conflicts in France and Sweden: Struggling Between Local and International Pressure.
E. Hellström and T. Rytilä. 1998.
ISBN: 952-9844-55-7. 111 p.

No 15. Historical Overview of United States Forest Practice Law: Specific Emphasis on Public Participation Law.
D. Boswell Franklin. 1998.
ISBN 952-9844-50-6. 65 p.

No 14. A Comparison of Multipurpose Resource Inventories (MRIs) Throughout the World.
H. Gyde Lund. 1998.
ISBN 952-9844-47-6. 46 p.

No 13. International Forestry Cooperation in Europe - Building on Experience.
F. Hummel. 1997.
ISBN 952-9844-37-9. 16 p.

No 12. Urban Forestry: Overview and Analysis of European Forest Policies. Part 1: Conceptual Framework and European Urban Forestry History.
C.C. Konijnendijk. 1997.
ISBN 952-9844-36-0. 130 p.

No 11. Environmental Forest Conflicts in Germany - From National to International Concern.
E. Hellström and M. Welp. 1996.
ISBN 952-9844-25-5. 62 p.

No 10. Large Scale Forestry Scenario Models - a Compilation and Review.
G.-J. Nabuurs and R. Päivinen. 1996.
ISBN 952-9844-12-3. 174 p.

No 9. The European Forest Institute’s Databases and Information Services.
I. Kupka. 1996.
ISBN 952-9844-22-0. 59 p.

No 8. The International Collection and Dissemination of Forest Sector Information in Europe.
T.J. Peck. 1996.
ISBN 952-9844-19-0. 27 p.

No 7. Environmental Forestry Conflicts, Forest Policies and the Use of Forest Resources - Recent Developments in USA, Germany, France, Sweden, Finland and Norway.
E. Hellström. 1996.
ISBN 952-9844-18-2. 72 p.

No 6. European Timber Trends: Issues and Priorities for Further Research.
D.J. Brooks. 1995.
ISBN 952-9844-17-4. 31 p.

No 5. Survey of Forest Policy Research in Europe. Ongoing projects 1993/1994.
B. Solberg and P. Hyttinen. 1995.
Out of Print.
ISBN 952-9844-04-2. 144 p.

No 4. Growth Trends of European Forests - Has Site Productivity Changed?
H. Spiecker, K. Mielikäinen, M. Köhl and H. Untheim. 1994.
Out of Print.

No 3. A Review of Approaches to Forestry Research on Structure, Succession and Biodiversity of Undisturbed and Semi-natural Forests and Woodlands in Europe.
A. Schuck, J. Parviainen and W. Bücking. 1994.
ISBN 952-9844-02-6. 62 p.
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No 2. State-of-the-art in the Field of Forest Sector Carbon Balance Studies - with Reference to the European Situation.
G.J. Nabuurs. 1994.
Out of Print.

No 1. Policy Implications of the UN-ECE/FAO Forest Resource Assessment (temperate zone).
E. Giordano, P. Glück, F. Hummel, H. Kurth and K. Kuusela. 1993. ISBN 952-9844-00-X. 31 p.