Decision support tools stephanie.hayes Wed, 12.11.2019 - 08:52
10 years demonstrating the potential and usefulness of modelling for decision support in planted forests : from the stand (for forest managers) to the landscape (for land use planners)
Storm damage to forests stephanie.hayes Mon, 12.09.2019 - 10:44
The EFI group in Cestas France has been actively engaged in studying the impacts of storms on forests and in disseminating that information
EFISCEN training Satu.Ikonen-Williams Wed, 11.06.2019 - 06:31
Aims provide a training on the use of the EFISCEN model to experts from Romania.


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Published on 11.09.2019

Next-generation information to support a sustainable course for European forests

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European forests under heavy pressure from climate change
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