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EFI’s latest science-policy study provides new recommendations on dealing with increasing bark beetle outbreaks
March's edition of EFI Mediterranean Facility News features the latest updates from Mediterranean Forest Week (MFW), the International Day of Forests, the publication of the first national report in Italy on forests and forestry as well as research projects about grafting techniques and genetic conservation, among many other highlights.
Territorial contracts and common labelling were key ideas arising out of the INCREDIBLE Interregional Workshop on “Resin extraction as a building block of sustainable forest multifunctionality”.
As the Sixth Mediterranean Forest Week draws near, the final agenda is now available for our plenary session on “Forest-based Solutions: linking non-wood forest products with the economy: participatory approaches".

Today a large variety of global forest governance initiatives exist dealing with forests and wider forest-related issues. Despite some successes, these initiatives have not been able to reverse the overall trend of deforestation and forest degradation, although this is the main objective of many of them. In this context, the EFI Bonn office together with a high-level expert panel of 38 policy practitioners and researchers in 2018 conducted a Delphi assessment on the future of global forest governance.

As the Sixth Mediterranean Forest Week draws near, the EFI Mediterranean Facility is pleased to announce the final agenda for our plenary session on “Forest-based Solutions: linking non-wood forest products with the economy: participatory approaches.” The session is held on 2 April 2019 during the week long event taking place in Brummana, Lebanon, from 1 - 5 April. 

From 1 to 5 April, during the VI Mediterranean Forest Week which will be held in Lebanon, the Social Innovation in Marginalised Rural Areas (SIMRA) Project organises a parallel workshop on social innovation in forest contexts.
This year's theme was Forests and Education
Business-as-usual to manage forest fires is no longer possible, especially when countries are facing increasing risks due to climate change. Experts from Spain and around Europe met to discuss new strategies for facing forest fires in Europe and the Mediterranean.
Participate on the CMCC-EFI Webinar and celebrate International Day of Forests on March 21st at 15.00 CET
The second project meeting of FOSPREF-Wind was held at Forest Research near to Edinburgh, Scotland on 26th - 27th February 2019.
EFI Short Scientific Visit 2019 call is open until 27 March, 2019, 15:00 CET.
AFINET aims to find ideas for improving the profitability of agroforestry and making agriculture more environmental friendly and diverse
The introduction of tree species is important as they are an opportunity for wood production and alternatives for more adapted species, but may cause loss of biodiversity and disrupt natural ecosystems.
Today, three private companies own over half of the planted forests in Chile, resulting in an industry concentration that clearly differs from the path followed by other neighbouring countries which are equally dependant on planted forests including exotic species, such as the state policy of Uruguay.