Latest edition of EFI’s flagship programme explores forest bioeconomy in China and Russia
What does resilience mean to you? We discussed this question with scientists from Europe and the US to figure out how we can help forest managers to implement the concept in practice.
Sheep are natural-born forest managers as Finnish experiences show.
Deadline for applications is 31 December 2018.
Alexander Held (Senior Advisor, Resilience Programme) is currently sharing his knowledge on forest fires with various media channels.
EFI experts share their knowledge on forest fires on various media
New handbook for scientists looks at driving research into journalistic reporting
GTTN organized its Regional Workshop Africa in Younde, Cameroon on 27-28 June 2018 to to increase awareness amongst African stakeholders about the growing potential of timber tracking techniques to help curb illegal logging.

EFI facilities aim at stakeholder interaction with a specific focus on capacity building activities.

European Network INTEGRATE discussed different ways to deal with bark beetle in order to create more resilience forests.
Resulting from the collaboration between FAO and EFI, the first voluntary guidelines for forest concessions in the tropics have been published
One of the ways to bring additional income to forest owners is to practice intensive mushroom farming.
EFI's Bioeconomy Programme addresses the need for foresight, interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral research at the interface of markets, products, policies and forest resources.
EFI Bonn’s principal scientist Marcus Lindner and Junior researcher Laura Nikinmaa participated in the conference “COMMUNICATING RISKS IN Decision Support Systems: from basic research to advanced decision support tools” in Solsona, Spain and discussed how future forest risk management can look like.