Solution Hack for Journalists explores life cycle thinking and the bioeconomy
EVOLTREE is offering funding (up to 10,000 €) for 2 projects related to genetic and genomic studies on forest ecosystems
Inspirational and aspirational leaders, thinkers and change-makers, from science, practice and business are invited to join an open seminar in Barcelona, Spain on 26 November.
Read EFI Director's reflections on the EC Bioeconomy Strategy
How can trade policies promote and support governance reforms in developing countries so that forest resources contribute to sustainable development? A panel discussion, organized by the EU FLEGT Facility at the WTO Public Forum, hoped to provide an answer to this question.
Register now for our next ThinkForest event on 4 December
Register now for the 2018 Biocities Forum, which takes place in Barcelona on 14 November 2018!
Watch the recording of the seminar ‘Forests: Interconnecting Sustainable Development Goals to Action’ on 27 September.
EFI Bonn organized a high-level science-policy workshop and a public panel discussion on possible pathways and action points for the future of global forest governance.
Latest edition of EFI’s flagship programme explores forest bioeconomy in China and Russia
What does resilience mean to you? We discussed this question with scientists from Europe and the US to figure out how we can help forest managers to implement the concept in practice.
Deadline for applications is 31 December 2018.
Alexander Held (Senior Advisor, Resilience Programme) is currently sharing his knowledge on forest fires with various media channels.
EFI experts share their knowledge on forest fires on various media