Connecting the leaders of tomorrow

The economic, social and environmental challenges of today need bright new thinking that will shape tomorrow.

EFI’s flagship Young Leadership Programme targets the leaders of the future, bringing young professionals together with experts to create a new space where change can happen.

The Programme has three main aims – empowering young talent; connecting young scientists and young professionals from business, government, civil society and the media; and building bridges by connecting Europe to other regions.

The YLP pilot was organized in 2014-2016 and two new editions will take place in 2018 (focusing on the Mediterranean), and in 2019 (focusing on Eurasia, in particular China and Russia). The Programme offers young professionals a unique opportunity to interact with global and regional leaders and network with peers. They will gain access to new information and knowledge on the forest-based bioeconomy, and develop leadership skills which translate that knowledge into strategies and effective action.

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