Listen now: Bioeconomy - valuing nature's capital

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Is bioeconomy the answer to a sustainable and fair future?

EFI Director Marc Palahi reflects on forests, bioeconomy and life in a podcast with Coaching Talks.

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"Bioeconomy is about bringing life at the centre of the economy. It is about valuing nature's natural capital. We need to recognize nature as the power of our economy.

Fossil means dead or resistance to change as well, while bio means life. Bioeconomy is about bringing life at the centre of the economy. Bioeconomy and circular economy need each other to replace the existing linear fossil-based economy. A circular economy that continues to rely on fossil sources will not address the urgent environmental problems that we are facing like climate change, and a bioeconomy that it's not circular will not have enough resources to replace the fossil economy massively. They are two sides of the same coin, a coin of a new economy model we need. What we need to do is to recognize that our economy in the past has failed to value nature, so we need to start from the point of view that natural capital should be the basis for a new economy. We need a new radical way of thinking."