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The provision of forest ecosystem services: Assessing cost of provision and designing economic instruments for ecosystem services
| Bo Jellesmark Thorsen, Robert Mavsar, Liisa Tyrväinen, Irina Prokofieva, Anne Stenger (editors)

What Science Can Tell Us 5, volume 2

Technical Report 96

Energy wood: A challenge for European forests
| Francesca Ferranti

Technical Report 95

Technical Report 94

Background Study for an International Forest Products Price Information System
| Ibrahim Favada, Richard Vlosky, Martti Aarne, Alex McCusker, Ed Pepke, Paul Rougieux, Aljoscha Requardt, Andreas Schuck and Mika Mustonen

Technical Report 92

Technical report 91

Provision cost function of forest biodiversity protection within French Natura 2000 network
| Seyed Mahdi Heshmatol Vaezin, Damien Marage, Serge Garcia, Daniel Kraus, Paul Rougieux, Andreas Schuck, Patrice Harou

Technical Report 90

Impacts of forest bioenergy and policies on the forest sector markets in Europe - what do we know?
| Birger Solberg, Lauri Hetemäki, A. Maarit I. Kallio, Alexander Moiseyev, Hanne K.Sjølie

Technical Report 89

Forest bioenergy for Europe
| Paavo Pelkonen, Mika Mustonen, Antti Asikainen, Gustaf Egnell, Promode Kant, Sylvain Leduc, Davide Pettenella

What Science Can Tell Us 4

EFI News 2014-1

Number 1, volume 22

ThinkForest brief: Forest Bioenergy in Europe: Reassessment needed
| Lauri Hetemäki, Bart Muys, Paavo Pelkonen and Davide Pettenella
Living with storm damage to forests
| Barry Gardiner, Andreas Schuck, Mart-Jan Schelhaas, Christophe Orazio, Kristina Blennow, Bruce Nicoll (editors)

What Science Can Tell Us 3