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What Science Can Tell Us Based on collective scientific expert reviews providing interdisciplinary background information on key and complex forest-related issues for policy and decision makers, citizens and society in general
From Science to Policy Brings together cross-boundary scientific knowledge and expertise to strengthen science-policy dialogue
Knowledge to Action Brings a wide range of research, projects and initiatives on forest-related issues closer to society

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Are MCPFE Indicators Suitable for Planted Forests?
| Jean-Louis Martres, Jean-Michel Carnus, Christophe Orazio

Discussion Paper 16

Discussion Paper 15

International Information on European Forest Sector: State- Challenges - Opportunities
| Philip Wardle, Caroline Narayan, Aljoscha Requardt, Emi Pesonen, Andreas Schuck

Discussion Paper 14

Plantation or Conversion - The Debate!
| Stuart Dedrick, Heinrich Spiecker, Christophe Orazio, Margarida Tomé, Inazio Martinez (eds.)

Discussion Paper 13

Future Forest Research Strategy for a Knowledge Based Forest Cluster: An Asset for a Sustainable Europe – A Vision Paper of European National Forest Research Institutes
| François Houllier, Julius Novotny, Risto Päivinen, Kaj Rosén, Giuseppe Scarascia-Mugnozza, Konstantin von Teuffel

Discussion Paper 11

Biotechnology in the Forest? Policy Options on Research on GM Trees
| David Humpreys, Jorrit Gosens, Michael J. Jackson, Anouska Plasmeijer, Wouter van Betuw, Frits Mohren

Discussion Paper 12

Energy, Carbon and Other Material Flows in the Life Cycle Assessment of Forestry and Forest Products: Achievements of Working Group 1 of the COST Action E9
| Timo Karjalainen, Bernhard Zimmer, Staffan Berg, Johannes Welling, Hannes Schwaiger, Leena Finér, Patricia Cortijo

Discussion Paper 10

Joint Evaluation of Storms, Forest Vulnerability and their Restoration
| Sébastien Drouineau, Olivier Laroussinie, Yves Birot, Daniel Terrasson, Thomas Formery, Bernard Roman-Amat

Discussion Paper 9

Certification: Barriers to Benefits - A Discussion of Equity Implications
| Kirsti Thornber, Dominiek Plouvier and Stephen Bass

Discussion Paper 8

Forest Certification and the WTO
| Jan Klabbers

Discussion Paper 7

Forest Resource Scenario Methodologies for Europe
| Gert-Jan Nabuurs, Heikki Pajuoja, Kullervo Kuusela, Risto Päivinen

Discussion Paper 5

Potential Markets for Certified Forest Products in Europe
| Ewald Rametsteiner, Peter Schwarzbauer, Heikki Juslin, Jari Kärnä, Roger Cooper, John Samuel, Michael Becker, Tobias Kühn

Discussion Paper 2