Job title
Junior Researcher
Bioeconomy Programme
Sustainable Bioeconomy
Headquarters, Joensuu
cleo.orfanidou @

Ms. Cleo (Timokleia) Orfanidou is Junior researcher on LCA in Bioeconomy Programme.

With a background in Civil Engineering and Sustainable Building Design, her research area is the construction related projects; which she supports by providing input to minimize the environmental and socio-economic effects that products, and systems lead throughout their life cycle and across the value chain. She has been working on LCA in Buildings and products, the UN SDGs in Built Environment, and Sustainability Certifications (DGNB).

Currently she is working on BenchValue Project (WP3), and SMARTA Wood Demonstrator.

Key topics: sustainability strategie; sustainable development;  life cycle assessment (LCA); built environment; green buildings