Job title
Senior Researcher
Bioeconomy Programme
Bioeconomy Markets
Smart Forestry
Headquarters, Joensuu
jo.vanbrusselen @
Telephone number
+358 (0) 10 773 4332

Jo contributed to several infrastructure and technology networking projects, e.g.: Global Timber Tracking Network (BMEL, coordinator, 2017-2019), Trees4Future (FP7, WP leader; 2013-2016) and LignoSilva CoE phase I (H2020, 2015-2016), European Forest Risk Facility (BMEL, 2014-2015).

Other project experience: policy impact studies (EU FAP mid-term evaluation for DG AGRI; CCA-FBI for DG GROW; VPAIM for EFI EU FLEGT Facility); forest products trade flow data analysis and systems development (Eurostat, ITTO IMM); biomass assessment methods development (BEE FP7), EFI forest maps (JRC, FP6-7); modelling of pan-European forest resources (EFSOS I, UN-ECE/FAO), policy requirements review (multiple projects for EEA, GMES/Copernicus, FireParadox); stakeholder interaction and dialogue to define EO technical requirements and specifications; research agenda development (FLEGT-REDD, treebreeding etc.); etc.

Key topics: policy impact assessment; criteria and indicators; forest products trade flow applications; forest mapping and modelling; project management, global and European scope