Seeing the wood in the forests Rach.Colling Thu, 04.02.2020 - 06:29
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FORESIGHT: Forest Renewables Replacing Fossil based and GHG-Intensive Products - Possible Action for Substitution to Contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals Minna.Korhonen Wed, 01.29.2020 - 09:33

Use of forests and forest products is projected to increase substantially over the next decade. First, as economies develop so do their consumption of forest products. Second, there is increasing global recognition of the potential for forest products to contribute to climate mitigation by storing sequestered carbon in harvested wood products and through substitution of fossil-based or GHG-intensive products. Third, wood and other forest products are being recognized for their human health benefits, e.g.

IUFRO Task Forces on planted forests stephanie.hayes Mon, 12.09.2019 - 20:02
Crosscutting and global coordination of R&D activities
Sustforest – mobilising a sustainable European resin resource stephanie.hayes Fri, 12.06.2019 - 09:05
In order to sustainably supply local industry.

FutureForest2040 - Suomen metsäalan rakenteelliset muutokset, sekä markkina- ja työllisyysnäkymät vuoteen 2040

This project aims at foresighting possible structural changes in the Finnish forest-based sector, and market and employment impacts accordingly in 2040. The project is carried out by EFI and the Research Institute of the Finnish Economy (Etla), with the financial support of Metsämiesten Säätiö Foundation. While main part of the work will be carried out in Finnish, the project will also publish its results in English. This page will be updated as the project progresses.


Outlook for modified wood use and regulations in circular economy
Satu.Ikonen-Williams Fri, 10.11.2019 - 06:23