Study on Illegal Logging and Related Trading in Timber and Forest Products in Europe

This project was a small consultancy for the MCPFE and it has three objectives. The first objective was to provide an overview on regional political processes, which consider the issue of illegal logging (Africa FLEG, Asia FLEG, G8, WSSD, and others). What are the main findings, including political commitments, legal instruments put in place, and others? The second objective was to provide an overview on existing information, the results of research projects, reports, regulations, etc. in Europe about illegal logging issues.

Impacts of Reduction of Illegal Logging in European Russia on the EU and European Russia Forest Sector and Trade

The main objectives of the study were to extend the existing knowledge of the nature and magnitude of illegal logging in Western part of Russia, to analyse the effectiveness of existing instruments regarding the exclusion of illegally logged timber from the EU market, and to analyse the impacts of potential changes in the forest products chain in the European Union as a result of implementing a Voluntary Partnership Agreement, due to a reduction of illegal logging in European Russia or diversion of trade to other markets.


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Yaounde, Cameroon, 27.06.2018 - 28.06.2018

Global Timber Tracking Network (GTTN) regional workshop

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Assessment of the Impact of Potential Further Measures to Prevent the Importation or Placing on the Market of Illegally Harvested Timber or Products Derived from such Timber

This study presented in qualitative and " to the extent possible " quantitative terms the likely economic (including administrative), social and environmental impacts of the four options that had been identified to better address the problem of entry of illegally harvested timber and timber products to the EU market. These options were: