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Published on 08.08.2018

Network approach to constructing theory of participation in spatial planning

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OPERAS - Operational Potential of Ecosystem Research Applications

OPERAS aims to improve the understanding of how Ecosystem Services/Natural Capital (ES/NC) concepts may contribute to human well-being in different social-ecological systems in inland and coastal zones, in rural and urban areas, related to different ecosystems including forests and fresh water resources. The OPERAs research will establish whether, how and under what conditions the ES/NC concepts can move beyond the academic domain towards practical implementation in support of sustainable ecosystem management.

The Lookout Station

The Lookout Station is a new initiative by EFI that connects media and science communities around the topic of climate change, with ‘digital innovation’ as the backbone. To tackle the challenges that prevent collaboration between science and the media, the Lookout Station will offer programmes that target both communities. It supports the media to produce engaging science-based stories about climate change with new tools.

SUMFOREST - Tackling the challenges in sustainable and multifunctional forestry through enhanced research coordination for policy decisions

The SUMFOREST ERA-Net project aimed to enhance co-operation and coordination of forest research activities carried out at regional and national levels, and to build new cooperation arrangements with EU neighbourhood regions, in order to reduce fragmentation and maximise the impact of research activities on sustainable forest management and multifunctional forestry.

More specifically, SUMFOREST was instrumental in creating a European forest research area in forest research that comprises:

ThinkForest - a European high-level forum on the future of forests

EFI Member Countries have agreed to establish a high-level, Brussels-based discussion and information sharing forum for high-level policy makers. The forum is needed for facilitating and promoting focused dialogue on strategic and future-oriented forest policy issues. There is a clear need to strengthen communication, collaboration and partnership building between key policy makers in the EU, especially with the European Parliament, and between science community, member states and key stakeholder groups.