Creating biocities Rach.Colling Thu, 11.15.2018 - 07:51
EFI Director Marc Palahi reflects on the biologization of cities


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Cologne, Germany, 22.05.2019 - 25.05.2019

Urban Forests: Full of Energy

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2018 Biocities Forum Minna.Korhonen Mon, 10.08.2018 - 09:09
Photo: faber121 -
2018 Biocities Forum took place in Barcelona on 14 November 2018. We will update this article soon.


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Published on 08.08.2018

Network approach to constructing theory of participation in spatial planning

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NeighbourWoods - Advancing the Quality of Life and the Environment of European Cities Through Socially-inclusive Planning, Design and Management of Urban Woodlands

The main objective of the project was to develop tools to enhance the planning, design and prospective management of urban woodlands, applicable to the diversity of European contexts and inclusive of all stakeholders, so that the contribution such woodlands can make to the quality of urban life and the urban environment is improved. The immediate objectives of the study were:

Urban Forests in Europe

The main objective of the study was to provide an indicative, comparative insight in urban forest policy-making in Europe, as an overview of European urban forest policy-making seems to have been absent until now. The scientific objectives of the project were as follows:

Communicating Forest Science Gesche.Schiffe… Wed, 05.30.2018 - 10:07
In the framework of the Bonn Science Night, EFI Bonn presented the European forest in times of climate change with a focus on forest use and protection.


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EFI Director calls for a new economic paradigm

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