On the verge of a nervous breakdown Gesche.Schiffe… Thu, 11.21.2019 - 14:37
Forest art
If forests were more like people, they would probably get a collective burn-out because of all the expectations that rest on them. How could one not succumb to all this pressure and these contradicting demands?


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Published on 15.05.2019

Why do payments for watershed services emerge? A cross-country analysis of adoption contexts

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Focusing on Forest Ecosystem Service values – participate in the online-survey

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Forest-water Interactions in Europe. Joensuu Forestry Networking Week 2010 Rach.Colling Thu, 10.18.2018 - 08:13

Technical Report 30

Ulla Vänttinen, Gert-Jan Nabuurs, Leena Finér, Ari Laurén, Tarja Lehto, Tarmo Tossavainen (editors)
EFI News 2011-2 Rach.Colling Thu, 07.12.2018 - 06:20

Number 2, volume 19

The Floodplain Forests in Europe Rach.Colling Tue, 04.17.2018 - 07:58

Research Report 10

Emil Klimo, Herbert Hager
Mountain Watersheds and Ecosystem Services: Balancing multiple demand of forest management in head-watersheds Rach.Colling Thu, 02.22.2018 - 11:06

Technical Report 101

Roberto Tognetti, Giuseppe Scarascia Mugnozza, Thomas Hofer (editors)
Agua para los Bosques y la Sociedad en el Mediterráneo – Un difícil equilibrio Rach.Colling Fri, 01.26.2018 - 13:58

What Science Can Tell Us 1

Yves Birot, Carlos Gracia, Marc Palahí (editores)