FORRISK and PLURIFOR stephanie.hayes Mon, 12.09.2019 - 14:40
Contributing to risk management for forest areas susceptible to biotic and abiotic hazards
INTEGRAL: a unique example of future-orientated risk integration in forest of the Landes region stephanie.hayes Fri, 12.06.2019 - 14:24
The European project, INTEGRAL, was a unique chance to illustrate and quantify the impact of decisions made by policymakers and stakeholders in the context of planted forest restoration in the aftermath of the 2009 wind storm.
Wind Risk to Forests and Trees: Transferring Knowledge to Practitioners stephanie.hayes Tue, 12.03.2019 - 09:50
Workshop for professional arborists and managers responsible for tree safety - direct interaction with practitioners which is invaluable for researchers
Non-Native Tree Species for European Forests in a changing world: Opportunities and risks
Latest news
Marta.Briones Fri, 09.14.2018 - 10:41
Where are Europe’s last primary forests? Minna.Korhonen Fri, 05.25.2018 - 06:24
Photo from Gran Sasso National Park by F.M. Sabatini
The first map of Europe’s last primary forests, including more than 1.4 million hectares in 34 European countries has now been published.
Combining Earth Observation Data and Forest Statistics Rach.Colling Wed, 02.14.2018 - 12:06

Research Report 14

Risto Päivinen, Mikko Lehikoinen, Andreas Schuck, Tuomas Häme, Seppo Väätäinen, Pamela Kennedy, Sten Folving
Compilation of a Calibrated European Forest Map Derived from NOAA-AVHRR Data Rach.Colling Wed, 02.14.2018 - 11:55

Technical Report 13

Andreas Schuck, Jo Van Brusselen, Risto Päivinen, Tuomas Häme, Pamela Kennedy, Sten Folving
Combining Geographically Referenced Earth Observation Data and Forest Statistics for Deriving a Forest Map for Europe Minna.Korhonen Thu, 02.08.2018 - 11:27

The objectives of the project (contract number 15237-1999-08 F1ED ISP FI) were: