Forest Tree Groupings Database of the EU-15 and pan-European Area Derived from NOAA-AVHRR Data

The project aimed at combining Earth Observation (EO) data and forest inventory statistics. A methodology for producing calibrated, digital forest probability maps for different classes (forest; other wooded land; also coniferous, broadleaved, mixed forest maps) at the pan-European level was developed. The process applied NOAA AVHRR satellite data and forest statistics. The statistics were taken from both Eurostat 'Forestry Statistics 1992-1996' for EU15 countries and from three case study countries. The data for the three case study countries was based on national forest statistics.

Forest Products Trade Flow Sub Study, Non-wood Products - Bamboo and Rattan

The objective of the project was to establish a standardised trade flow database on bamboo and rattan and their manufactures (data for the product group in which they are classified) with target years 1962-1998 on the basis of UNSTAT data. This would utilise the methodology developed for preparing the EFI/WFSE standardised Forest Products Trade Flow Data Base (FPTF).

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EFIDAS - European Forestry Information and Data Analysis System

The goal of the EFI Forestry Data Bank was to provide researchers as well as international policy and decision makers with a common source of data on European forestry. This goal is achieved by investigating the information needs and then collecting data from different sources, for example, UN-ECE/FAO, GRID etc., to fulfill those needs. The objectives are as follows: