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Why and how forest fires are becoming a European problem?

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REINFFORCE - Resource INFrastructures for monitoring, adapting and protecting European Atlantic FORests under Changing climatE

REINFFORCE project corresponds to Priority B. INTERREG 4B operational program. The reality of global warming is universally accepted with optimistic scenarios predicting a change of 4°C in the next 50 years. But the regional consequences of this change are unknown, with more emphasis in the oceanic area, because of e.g. climatic (evolution of regional rainfall, evolution of Gulf Stream, etc.), economic (evolution of cost of the energy, of renewable solutions, evolution of world trade, etc.) and environmental (evolution of pest an diseases, sea level, etc.) uncertainties.

STORMS - Destructive Storms in European Forests – Past and Forthcoming Impacts

The project aimed  to understand the nature of the wind damage risk to European forest, how this risk might change, the social, environmental and economic impacts of that change and the role policy instruments can play in reducing that risk and speeding up recovery following storm events.

The final results of the projects are available here: (last visited 27.7.2018)

Linking and Harmonizing the Forests Spatial Pattern Analyses at European, National and Regional Scales for a Better Characterization of the Forests Vulnerability and Resilience

The study (Joint Research Centre project 2005S_176-174131) addresses the linkages between forests spatial pattern and forest functions with emphasis on forest biodiversity, forests vulnerability to natural hazards and human pressure and resilience.

In-Tree - Introduced tree species to European forests: challenges and opportunities

The main aim of the project In-Tree was to collect information and enhance understanding and knowledge on the topic of introduced tree species in European context. The project intends to shed light on the management of introduced tree species across the European continent by combining knowledge and experience from different fields of relevant expertise. This will allow answering the following questions: