PRIFORT - Research into the Organization of Private Forest Owners in the Western Balkan Region

Starting point of the project is the lacking voluntary establishment of private forest owners' associations in the six Western Balkan countries: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, and Serbia though already eleven years have passed since the transition from planning to market economy and from public to private ownership expressed by the restitution of private forests to their former owners.

Pilot Study on Harmonising National Forest Inventories in Europe

The EC JRC Pilot Study "Harmonising National Forest Inventories in Europe- will focus on an initial list of forestry variables that will be tested with 3 harmonisation approaches. After the preparation and provision of input data such as National forest inventory data, remote sensing data, the CORINE LandCover Classification (CLC 2000) and ICP Forests data, harmonised datasets and geo-referenced maps will be produced for the selected variables and test areas.

Options for Strengthening the International Legal Regime for Forests

The overall aim of the project is to seek options for improving the international legal regime for forests and to analyse the advantages and disadvantages of various options. In accordance with the terms of reference of the project, no conclusions or specific recommendations are made, since the primary aim is to explore the various options. The study is divided in three parts:

OPERAS - Operational Potential of Ecosystem Research Applications

OPERAS aims to improve the understanding of how Ecosystem Services/Natural Capital (ES/NC) concepts may contribute to human well-being in different social-ecological systems in inland and coastal zones, in rural and urban areas, related to different ecosystems including forests and fresh water resources. The OPERAs research will establish whether, how and under what conditions the ES/NC concepts can move beyond the academic domain towards practical implementation in support of sustainable ecosystem management.

Northern ToSIA - Assessing Sustainability of Forest-based Activities in Rural Areas of the Northern Periphery

The aim of the project is to investigate options for improving the sustainable use of forest resources in selected regions of the Northern Periphery Programme (NPP) area in Finland, Sweden, Scotland and Norway by using an innovative sustainability impact assessment tool, ToSIA. ToSIA stands for Tool for Sustainability Impact Assessment of the Forest Wood Chain and it analyses the sustainability of production processes in the Forest Wood Chain in terms of social, economic and environmental sustainability indicators.

Review of Policy Relevant Research Related to MCPFE-process (Ministerial Conference on Protection of Forests in Europe)

The project consists of a review and an analysis of policy relevant research related with the MCPFE process. The objective is to identify key issues leading the research on sustainable forest management within the EFI members, with a special focus on the possible output of these researches for the MCPFE process. The work includes survey techniques and a synthesis of political outcomes provided by scientific papers published in the last five years.