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EU Forest Strategy adopted by the European Commission


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The European Commission has adopted on 20 September a new and long waited EU Forest Strategy which responds to the new challenges facing forests and the forest sector. The new Strategy gives a new framework in response to the increasing demands put on forests and to significant societal and political changes that have affected forests over the last 15 years.

“Significant political, environmental, socio-economic and technological changes are taking place at global, European and regional levels, which are increasing the demands and expectations on forest ecosystems and the services and resources they provide,” notes EFI’s Deputy Director Marc Palahí. “This is reflected in the increasing number of EU policies and directives which in one way or another depend or affect forests and the forest based sector: rural development, climate change, energy, biodiversity, bioeconomy, etc. The result has been a fragmented forest policy framework including contradictions that might not provide the appropriate mechanisms and incentives to ensure that European forests, forest owners and the forest-based sector deliver in a sustainable way the goods and services with the highest added value for our society.”

The Strategy was developed by the Commission in close cooperation with Member States and stakeholders over the past two years and has been submitted to the European Parliament and the Council.

Read more at the Commission site.