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Elena Paoletti is the new SAB Chair


Prof. Dr. Elena Paoletti (Italy) is the new Chair of the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) of EFI and will be leading the SAB with the support of Prof. Dr. Phoebe Koundouri (Greece), who acts as Vice-Chair. The SAB is having one of its regular meetings this week at EFI Bonn to discuss EFI’s ongoing research and policy-support activities as well as future plans.

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The SAB members at EFI Bonn: (in the back, from left) Dr. Gary Kerr, UK; Prof. Dr. Anne Toppinen, Finland; Prof. Dr. Karin Ljung, Sweden; Prof. Dr. Manfred Lexer, Austria; (in the front from left): Prof. Dr. Phoebe Koundouri, Greece; Prof. Dr. Elena Paoletti, Italy and Prof. Dr. Maria Nijnik, UK.

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