SCEFORMA - Scenario Analysis of Sustainable Wood Production under Different Forest Management Regimes


  • Sustainability and Climate Change


The overall objective of the project is to provide a quantitative assessment of future wood production in Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Ukraine, its degree of sustainability under various scenarios of forest growth and timber harvest, and the overall consequences of forest decline and climate change on future wood supply. These national assessments will be placed in a European perspective by including them in the frame of an ongoing project on large scale European forest scenario analysis that is being carried out by the European Forest Institute (EFI, Finland) and the DLO-Institute for Forestry and Nature Research (IBN-DLO, The Netherlands). Specific objectives of the proposed project consist of the following:

  • assessment of the forest resource by combining forest inventory data with a large-scale scenario model to predict future wood supply;
  • analysis of potential effects of forest decline and climate change on future wood supply;
  • assessment of different options for forest policy, accounting for national timber trends, environmental change, and forest management options.


01.12.1998 - 30.11.2001



Project Management

Contact Person at EFI: repsco (at)

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