AGORA - Advancing Forest Research Capacities




The aim of AGORA is to improve existing and develop new forest Research, Technology and Development (RTD) capacities in key forest scientific areas in Morocco and Tunisia. The new scientific capacities will support policymaking and forest management in the face of rapidly changing climatic and land-use conditions in the Mediterranean area. Capacities will be improved through grants, workshops, equipment and new research strategies for North Africa.

The scientific capacities will focus on selected topics, which have been selected on the basis of their intrinsic scientific importance, but also of their significance for policy decision-making:

  1. Understanding the role of genetic diversity in the adaptive response of forest tree species
  2. Valuing forest goods and services, designing financing mechanisms and income generation strategies to ensure their sustainable provision
  3. Developing participatory tools for optimizing and adapting forest management in a context of multiple-use-landscapes and changes in land-use and climate

EFI will coordinate the project and is responsible for overall coordination of the project, dissemination of project results and interaction with the stakeholders.



01.01.2010 - 31.12.2012



Project Management

Coordinator: European Forest Institute - Mediterranean Regional Office (EFIMED)
Name: Marc Palahí
Country: Spain
Contact Person at EFI: marc.palahi (at)

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