Research Reports

No 25. Private Forest Owners in the Western Balkans - Ready for the Formation of Interest Associations
Peter Glück, Mersudin Avdibegović, Azra Čabaravdić, Dragan Nonić, Nenad Petrović, Stjepan Posavec, Makedonka Stojanovska, Sanita Imočanin, Silvija Krajter, Natasha Lozanovska, Bruno Marić, Vojiislav Milijić, Aleksandar Mrkobrada and Suzana Trninić

No 24. Best Practices of Fire Use – Prescribed Burning and Suppression Fire Programmes in Selected Case-Study Regions in Europe

Cristina Montiel and Daniel Kraus (editors).

No 23.  Towards Integrated Fire Management - Outcomes of the European Project Fire Paradox
Joaquim Sande Silva, Francisco Rego, Paulo Fernandes and Eric Rigolot (editors).

No 22. Valuable Broadleaved Forests in Europe
Heinrich Spiecker, Sebastian Hein, Kaisu Makkonen-Spiecker and Michael Thies (editors).

No 21. Causes and Consequences of Forest Growth Trends in Europe - Results of the Recognition Project
Hans-Peter Kahle, Timo Karjalainen, Annette Schuck, Göran I. Ågren, Seppo Kellomäki, Karl Mellert, Jörg Prietzel, Karl-Eugen Rehfuess and Heinrich Spiecker (editors)

No 20. Towards a European Forest Information System
Andreas Schuck, Tim Green, Gennady Andrienko, Natalia Andrienko, Alex Fedorec, Aljoscha Requardt, Tim Richards, Roger Mills, Eero Mikkola, Risto Päivinen, Michael Köhl and Jesus San-Miguel-Ayanz

No 19.
Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Forestry in Central Europe
Ewald Rametsteiner, Gerhard Weiss and Klaus Kubeczko

No 18.
Norway Spruce Conversion – Options and Consequences
Heinrich Spiecker, Jörg Hansen, Emil Klimo, Jens Peter Skovsgaard, Hubert Sterba and Konstantin von Teuffel

No 17 . Scenarios on Forest Management in Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Ukraine
Mart-Jan Schelhaas et al.

No 16. Forest Products Statistical Information Systems of EU and EFTA
Philip Wardle, Jo Van Brusselen, Bruce Michie and Andreas Schuck

No 15. Development of European Forests until 2050
Gert-Jan Nabuurs, Risto Päivinen, Ari Pussinen and Mart-Jan Schelhaas

No 14. Combining Earth Observation Data and Forest Statistics
Risto Päivinen, Mikko Lehikoinen, Andreas Schuck, Tuomas Häme, Seppo Väätäinen, Pamela Kennedy and Sten Folving

No 13. Forest Related Perspectives for Regional Development in Europe
Pentti Hyttinen, Anssi Niskanen, Andreas Ottitsch, Markku Tykkyläinen and Johanna Väyrynen

No 12. Guidelines for Establishing Farm Forestry Accountancy Networks: MOSEFA
Anssi Niskanen and Walter Sekot

No 11. Development of Forest Resources in the European Part of the Russian Federation
Anatoly I. Pisarenko, Valentin V. Strakhov, Risto Päivinen, Kullervo Kuusela, Fedor A. Dyakun and Valentina V. Sdobnova

No 10. The Floodplain Forests in Europe
Emil Klimo and Herbert Hager

No 9. Policies for Sustainable Forestry in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine
Max Krott, Ilpo Tikkanen, Anatoly Petrov, Yuri Tunytsya, Boris Zheliba, Volker Sasse, Irina Rykounina and Taras Tunytsya

No 8. Modern Approaches in Forest Ecosystem Modelling
Oleg G. Chertov, Alexander S. Komarov and Georgy P. Karev

No 7. Monitoring Forestry Costs and Revenues in Selected European Countries
Pentti Hyttinen, Timo Kallio, Tilmann Olischläger, Walter Sekot and John Winterbourne

No 6. Long-term Trends and Prospects in World Supply and Demand for Wood and Implications for Sustainable Forest Management
Birger Solberg (editor)

No 5. Growth Trends in European Forests - Studies from 12 Countries
Heinrich Spiecker, Kari Mielikäinen, Michael Köhl and Jens Peter Skovsgaard (editors)

No 4. Patterns and Policies of Research Funding in the Forest Sector - a Comparative Study between Finland and Norway
Eeva Hellström

No 3. Forestry Conflicts from the 1950's to 1983 - A Review of a Comparative Study between USA, Germany, France, Sweden, Finland, and Norway
Eeva Hellström and Aarne Reunala

No 2. Forests and the Global Carbon Cycle in the Past, Present and Future
Melvin Cannell

No 1. Forest Resources in Europe 1950-90
Kullervo Kuusela